How can your passions improve your lifestyle?

How Can Your Passions Improve Your Lifestyle?

Some of us are lucky enough to incorporate our passions within our careers, allowing us to dedicate 40+ hours to doing the things we love. However, the majority of us spend our 9-to-5s toiling away in thankless jobs, because we all need those paychecks that’ll help pay for rent and food...and purses...and high heels...

If the former, you’re one of a lucky few. If the latter, you’re not alone...

May 15, 2017 by Luna Sundara
5 Morning Rituals to Make your Day Awesome

5 Morning Rituals to Make your Day Awesome

Waking up on the right side of the bed is something that everyone craves on a daily basis. It impacts your mood, work, health and nutrition choices, relationships, and more. By simply making five small shifts in your morning routine, you can impact the rest of your day and even make it awesome. 
April 21, 2017 by Luna Sundara