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Natural Hand Rolled Incense

Meditate, relax and cleanse to the smoke of four different high-quality, hand-rolled premium incense sticks, including Palo Santo, Palo Santo & Wiracoa, Peruvian Myrrh and Peruvian Grey Copal.

Copal_SL - Luna Sundara
COPAL_SL_2 - Luna Sundara

Experience the unique benefits of each hand-rolled incense stick. Palo Santo cleanses with its rich, woody scent, while Palo Santo & Wiracoa offers earthy and sweet notes. Peruvian Myrrh promotes relaxation with its warm aroma, and Peruvian Grey Copal provides a light, citrusy fragrance perfect for purification. Enhance your meditation and relaxation with these premium-quality incense sticks.

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