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Authentic Handmade Pottery from Chulucanas, Peru

We have been working closely with artisans from Chulucanas, Peru to create these fine pieces of traditional Peruvian pottery. These pieces are beautiful and functional. We currently offer palo santo holders and incense holders. Chulucanan pottery is considered some of the finest in Peru. Each piece is individually handmade by master artisan Luis H. Sandoval. We hope to preserve this tradition with the help of our wonderful friends. Please watch this short clip to see how these great pieces are made. 

Palo Santo Smudging Sticks

Palo Santo smells amazing! The scent is enchanting, calming, and cleansing. It has an aroma like no other wood. Burning Palo Santo releases this aroma and surrounds you with a sense of calm and serenity. This wood has been cherished throughout the Andean regions of South America for generations. Luna Sundara sources responsibly harvested wood from Peru and Ecuador. We invite you to learn more about our Palo Santo here.

Hand Rolled Palo Santo Incense

Check out our hand rolled palo santo incense. These incense sticks are individually hand rolled in Peru by local women who take great care and pride using only the highest quality palo santo wood. These incense sticks are made using 100% natural ingredients. No chemical additives or accelerants. We use pure palo santo dust and a binding gum from acacia trees to make this incense. These incense sticks are available now.  

Luna Sundara's Blog

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In keeping with the giving spirit of the season, we wanted to share something near and dear to our hearts.

Tom and I recently hosted a Christmas celebration for the children living in Chulucanas, Peru. Thank you to our friends for all of your support. Supporting small businesses does make a difference .
December 23, 2019 — Luna Sundara
Get to Know Dragon’s Blood, or “Sangre de Grado”

Get to Know Dragon’s Blood, or “Sangre de Grado”

Hear the words “dragon” or “dragon’s blood” in any context, and your mind might automatically jump to Game of Thrones - but fret not about revenging armies or fireballs. We’re here to tell you about a much less sinister version of dragon’s blood. In fact, this dragon’s blood could even save your life. 

September 11, 2019 — Luna Sundara
The Wool Pillows You Never Knew You Needed…and now you can’t live without. Plus, they have llamas on them!

The Wool Pillows You Never Knew You Needed…and now you can’t live without. Plus, they have llamas on them!

Thanks to our consumer driven society, there’s a lot of choice in today’s world. With countless different kinds of food, entertainment and bedding, how are you supposed to choose between all of them? The good news is that we’re here to alleviate some of that stress by talking about some pillows that are truly life-changing. 

Wool pillows are really, really worth your time. We’ll tell you why.”

August 26, 2019 — Luna Sundara