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Meet our artisans

We journey across Perú and Ecuador to build relationships with unique and talented artisan communities. By connecting with these artisans, we support and promote their crafts globally, fostering partnerships that empower and uplift their communities and help preserve their cultural legacies.

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Palo santo

Meet the Communities of Northern Peru

The Asociación Pequeños Ganaderos Pueblo Nuevo Talandraca, located in the beautiful region of Piura, in the district of Chulucanas, is a vibrant community dedicated to preserving and promoting local art. These unique pieces, full of tradition and culture, are a testament to the talent and dedication of this community. Discover more about them and support local art!

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Meet Praxedes Córdoba Erazo

Praxedes Córdoba Erazo is a skilled artisan from Chulucanas with 28 years of experience in ceramic art, a tradition rich in cultural and familial significance. Based in the Asociación de Viviendas Miguel Montenegro in Chulucanas, Peru, Praxedes works with his wife and daughters to create beautiful ceramic pieces, reflecting their heritage and strong family bonds.

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Meet Yudmer Melgarejo Reyes

Yudmer Melgarejo Reyes, a master of Peruvian mirrors laminated with bronze leaf, began his craft at 15, learning from his father. With a decade of experience, he perfects the art of carving, engraving, and laminating. Yudmer's work is admired worldwide since his mirrors are more than just reflections; they are pieces of art that showcase dedication and tradition.


Meet the Communities in the Peruvian Amazon

The communities in the Peruvian Amazon sustainably extract dragon's blood resin from the Croton lechleri tree. By carefully making incisions in the bark, they ensure the tree's health and longevity. This traditional practice highlights their deep connection to the environment and dedication to preserving their natural heritage.

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Meet Nagib Zariquiey

Nagib Zariquiey, co-founder of a renowned ceramics studio in Barranco, Peru, creates unique pieces, collaborative projects, and exclusive tableware. A graphic design student at PUCP, he mastered sculpting techniques in an elective ceramics course and studied further at Sonia Céspedes’ school. His work explores internal conflict, transformation, and the passage of time, using volcanic glazes, organic textures, translucent glass, and pigmented engobes.