Luna Sundara was founded upon a creative spirit and loving purpose: to empower Latin American artisans by showcasing their unique craft to the world.

When co-founder and native Peruvian Sandra Manay was in her senior year of college at Parsons School of Design, she’d planned to launch a clothing brand featuring traditional Peruvian fabrics, textures and designs. However, as she explored her spiritual side through full moon gatherings and summer equinoxes, she noticed her friends using popular Peruvian oils, some of which were hard to find in the U.S. Recognizing this consumer demand for Peruvian-based aromatherapy oils, and understanding how to channel it in a way that spoke to her passions and heritage was a pivotal moment in the formation of her company.

Encouraged by her partner and co-founder Thomas Konik, the duo officially registered Luna Sundara as a wellness company in 2014. By simultaneously grounding its name in the natural world and the beauty of the physical form (“Luna” means “moon” in Spanish; “Sundara” is Sanskrit for “beautiful”), the company established a commitment to enrich people’s health and well being through sustainable, natural means. 

Sandra and Tom deeply believe in the importance of empowering local artisans to change their local communities for the better, creating a positive chain reaction that grows to impact the whole world. Sandra’s Peruvian background is key to establishing authentic relationships with Luna’s suppliers and farmers. She directly prioritizes the personal connection with these artisans, often visiting them at their homes in lieu of sending middlemen to negotiate. She and Tom also host gatherings and celebrations as a means of giving back to various local communities throughout Peru and Ecuador.

Through their work, Sandra and Tom are privileged to aid in the bettering of lives - both on the vendor and consumer side of the business. Today, Luna has stayed true to Sandra’s original vision of exclusively championing Latin American products, while thriving and expanding to incorporate an eco-friendly home décor lineup in addition to its many wellness offerings.

All Luna products are responsibly manufactured with as little impact to the environment as possible. Luna only works with botanicals that are 100% sustainable to provide you with the best and safest experience.

Tom + Sandra