5 Morning Rituals to Make your Day Awesome

Waking up on the right side of the bed is something that everyone craves on a daily basis. It impacts your mood, work, health and nutrition choices, relationships, and more. By simply making five small shifts in your morning routine, you can impact the rest of your day and even make it awesome. 

Launch It.

One of the easiest ways to sabotage the morning is to wake up and stay in bed. The best research published on creating a positive and motivated morning suggests that as soon as you wake up, get out of bed immediately. Don't linger in bed. Don't snooze. Launch it. Even if you wake up before your alarm, get up and out of bed. Taking that extra ten to fifteen minutes to snooze in bed can cause our "internal clocks to flip into reverse, flooding our system with calming sleep hormones." When that occurs, it can contribute to a sensation of sluggishness for the rest of the day. Coffee won't help.

Design It.

The morning is an opportunity to design the day ahead. This is the best moment of the day to connect with goals, not just for the day, but to connect with life goals as well. Take a moment to assess one way that you can fulfill something in relationship to your life goals. Always wanted to write a novel? Schedule 15-30 minutes to work on it. Always wanted to start your own business? Schedule time to explore it. When you connect on a daily basis to life goals, you are infusing your life with a deeper sense of purpose. With a small amount of time spent connecting to goals and scheduling it into the day, we are designing a more productive and fulfilling morning.

Move it. 

The research is in. The best time to workout is first thing in the morning. The New York Times cited a groundbreaking Belgium study, that provided evidence that working out before breakfast, in a "fasted state prompted the body to lose more fat and stave off weight gain as compared to other hours." As a certified yoga instructor, I was taught in yoga to wake up and flow first thing in the morning. In addition, I was taught to not eat two hours before yoga or one hour after, which in a sense is creating a sort of "fasted state." I don't need the research to prove it. Working out first thing in the morning not only gets the task complete, it feels great, and contributes to an overall better sense of well being.

Style It. 

The link between clothing choices and the emotional state is something that researchers have also investigated. Researchers have shown that when people hit low spots, or are depressed, those individuals tend to view getting dressed for the day as mentally exhausting, a hassle, and a waste of time. Taking that kernel of information, let's flip it. When we take time to look good, we feel good. Maybe you try a vibrant print shirt or a new color to let your joy shine. Taking time to style your look for the day is one of the most awesome and fun ways to share your joy with the world.

Connect It. 

What would a morning without social media be? I'm a huge proponent of getting inspired daily by others that are living a creative, positive, and meaningful lives. Instagram, Pinterest, with a shot of iTunes Music on the side, are some of the easiest ways that I personal create an awesome morning. Find accounts that matter to you and stay connected. Want to go one step further? Share your morning with us! Let us know what makes your morning awesome.

Article By Kamela Hurley

Kamela Hurley is the owner of Madison and White, a luxury home good company with a beauty twist, a certified yoga instructor, and mother of two children. She has ran the NYC marathon, performed with the Canadian Opera Company, and loves to travel the world. She is currently in the midst of completing a novel, as time permits.

April 21, 2017 — Luna Sundara