5 Ways to Detox Bad Habits and End Insomnia

The inability to fall asleep and stay asleep is something that one in three people deal with every single night. Most people that experience mild insomnia are individuals that have developed poor sleep habits, as reported by The Sleep Foundation. The good news is that with a few adjustments, we can reprogram our mind and body to have restful sleep every night.

Detox Tip #1: Avoid Stimulants If insomnia has been plaguing you lately, it might be time to cut back on coffee, tea, energy drinks, and even that evening glass of wine.  The deepest sleep that we can hope to achieve in a given night is REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) and typically happening around 90 minutes after falling asleep. This is a crucial period of time that happens while we sleep that helps heal and repair the brain, body, and our mood. Adding too many stimulants to the body during the day or enjoying wine in the evening can reduce the amount of REM sleep. Detox the stimulants.

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Detox Tip #2: Ditch the Blue Light The healthiest habits of good sleepers are that they reserve the bedroom for sleeping and intimacy. Your bedroom should't be a place to watch all seasons of Game of Thrones or scroll endlessly through your Instagram feed. Harvard Health Letter has published that light at night is bad for your health and exposure to blue light by electronics and energy-efficient lightbulbs may be especially so. Detox from all electronics two hours before bedtime for a better night of sleep.

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Detox Tip #3: Stretch Gentle restorative yoga postures are an excellent means to prep for an awesome night of sleep,while aggressive forms of exercise at night can be a trigger for insomnia. Yoga poses that gently twist, lengthen, and help to release tension are perfect options. We suggest a simple routine that lasts around 15 minutes. Poses like Adept’s Pose (Siddhasana),Head-to-Knee Forward Bend (Janu Sirsasana), Leg-up-the-Wall (Viparita Karani), and Easy Forward Bend (Sukhasana), held for 10-15 breathes, is a great introduction to restorative yoga.


Detox Tip #4: Smudge Smudging is a technique that dates back hundreds of years. It was used in ancient sacred ceremonies to clear negative energy and renew a space and a person’s body, mind, and soul. The first step in smudging should be to clear the space of clutter and mess. Open up windows and allow fresh air to enter. Palo Santo smudging sticks are used by shamans and healers for its energetic purification. Nothing could set up for a good night of sleep than an energetic rinse of negativity. Using Palo Santo is an experience that many might not understand until they try it. If insomnia is keeping you up at night, detox your room and create your own cleansing.  


Detox Tip #5:  Meditate  Some of the greatest leaders, thinkers, doctors, and innovators of our time have a daily meditation practice. In the article, "7 Ways Meditation Can Actually Change the Brain” written by Alice G. Walton for Forbes, she states that there is good evidence that meditation can relieve levels of anxiety and depression, which are known triggers for insomnia. Complete your evening by sitting comfortably, on a firm pillow or a chair. If you’re new to meditation, set a timer for three to five minutes. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Allow events, images, dreams, memories, and to-do lists to drift away from your focus. This is a time to clear out mental space. Finding it tough? The Headspace app is an awesome app that can enrich and grow your practice. In NYC, Chicago, and LA, there are even studios dedicated to meditation. Check your local yoga studio for meditation classes. You might be surprised how impactful a meditation practice can be on producing a night of quality sleep.  

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Article By Kamela Hurley

Kamela Hurley is the owner of Madison and White, a luxury home good company with a beauty twist, a certified yoga instructor, and mother of two children. She has ran the NYC marathon, performed with the Canadian Opera Company, and loves to travel the world. She is currently in the midst of completing a novel, as time permits.