5 Easy Ways to De-stress After Work
We have all been there. You feel like you’ve run a marathon at work, and walk through your front door exhausted. Your routine probably looks like the following: food, tv, Instagram/snapchat, maybe another tv show, then bed. Now I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, but none of those do anything to help truly relax your brain, and nourish your soul, and truly replenish your body. Let me share with you five easy ways to lead to a relaxing, nourishing, and peaceful evening.  
  1. You have permission to immediately put your comfy clothes on! My husband literally laughs at how fast I am out of real life clothes, and into my pyjamas before he can even take his shoes off. This automatically sends your brain a signal that your work day is done, and you can unwind and relax. Plus who wants to wear a bra and spanx after 6pm?
  1. Put the phone away. No really. I know it’s all in our routines to sit for an hour, maybe even more, and check up on Instagram, snapchat, youtube, facebook, and gosh knows how many more apps we belong to. But you have probably been doing it all day long already! Give your eyes a break and unplug. So go ahead and set your phone to silent, set your alarm for the morning, and place your phone in your bedroom. Notice I didn’t say on the nightstand? Place it on your dresser, so you have to physically get up to turn it off, and aren’t tempted to lay in bed watching funny animal videos until you fall asleep. The blue light tells your brain it’s still daylight and actually inhibits you from feeling sleepy!
  1. On par with #2, is limit yourself to one hour of tv when you get home. The average person wastes 5 hours a day on television. That’s over 35 hours of tv a week! Think of how many other things you could’ve done in that time! Master a new recipe, organized your schedule for the week, cleaned out your wardrobe, or read a new book. So pick maybe one show a day that you need to catch up on. Otherwise, keep that tv off!
  1. Go for a 30 minute walk after dinner. Go with your spouse, or plug in your headphones and take yourself! Studies show it can contribute to better mental health, enhance digestion, and aid in joint mobility. I try to spend at least 30 minutes outside daily, no matter the weather. Being forced to notice every crack in the sidewalk, flower in the grass, and ray of sunshine hitting your face, is one of the best things you can do for yourself.
  1. Last but not least is a kind of secret weapon of mine. Golden Milk. Yes, it’s really as luxurious as it sounds. This is an ancient recipe from India that has magical like properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, treatment of headaches, and a natural sleep aid. Seriously. Google the benefits. It’s the perfect drink for winding down. I usually have this after I’ve gotten back from my walk. In a small pot, bring to a gentle boil the following: 1 cup almond/soy milk, 1 tbsp coconut oil, half teaspoon turmeric paste, half teaspoon of cinnamon, and a couple cracks of black pepper. (Optional- you can add a bit of ground ginger) 

Well there you go! I challenge you to stick to this plan for one full week. See you how feel after, and thank me later.


Article by Denisse Peters

Denisse is a registered massage therapist, who is also certified in crystal therapy, and Thai massage. She is always on a journey with holistic health, including leading a vegan lifestyle, and is a science geek who found a new love in astrophysics.

April 10, 2017 by Luna Sundara
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