Stay Healthy While Traveling: Tips for Happy Travelers

Vacation season is upon us and it’s time to plan the next great trip. Whether you are getting ready for a mountain hike or daydream about a restful week at the beach, check our tips for happy travelers.

Drink plenty of water This is an obvious one but we often forget about it while traveling. Make sure you are well hydrated especially in the hot summer months. The best way to do that while on the road is to get a beautiful reusable bottle. Ditch plastic ones – they are bad for the environment and in the long run cost a lot.

Take good care of your skin Many travelers skip the sunblock. Some simply forget to pack it, others choose not to use conventional cosmetics with questionable ingredients. Luckily, nowadays there are plenty of all-natural brands that offer skincare products. Or you can simply use raspberry seed carrier oil which has the highest natural SPF and easily absorbs into the skin – two great reasons to pack it for your summer adventures.

Have these three essential oils with you Lavender. This essential oil treats skin irritations of all kinds from mosquito bites to sunburn. You can apply it directly on your skin without diluting it which makes it a great traveling companion. For the jetlagged travelers – simply rub a drop of lavender on the bottom of your feet for a good night’s rest.

Tea tree. This essential oil is the strongest natural antibiotic. Use it separately or combined with lavender to treat skin rashes, toenail fungus, or yeast infections. If you find yourself in a hotel with questionable hygiene, simply add a few drops of tea tree essential oil to a damp cloth and use to clean any surface.


Peppermint. This is one of the most versatile essential oils. To create an energizing and refreshing spray add 3-4 drops in a spray bottle and use throughout the day. To treat stomachache or discomfort (which are very common while away from home) simply mix 1-2 drops of peppermint in a carrier oil (coconut for example) and rub in the abdominal area.

Meditate Traveling can be a very stressful experience.  Schedules, transportation, unfamiliar places, new people and foreign languages – all of these and many more can be a source of unease and overwhelm. Stay a happy traveler with a daily meditation practice. You don’t have to sit in lotus pose for hours. Just take a few deep breaths and close your eyes for a couple of minutes while on the road, during a layover or in your hotel bed. The best way to meditate while traveling though is in nature – find a quiet bench in the park or a secluded spot on the beach and spend some time soaking in the beauty surrounding you. And if you don’t have the time to meditate, you can always have a tiny smudging ritual. Just light a palo santo stick and with circular motions cleanse your entire energetic field – from the bottom of your feet to the top of the head. At the end of the day, we all travel to experience new things, to expand our horizons and enjoy some time away from everything familiar. What differentiates happy travelers is their ability to see the beauty in every place and every moment. So say yes to adventures, explore new places, rest, rejuvenate and don’t forget to have fun.

Article by Simona Dimitrova

Mon – mother, yogini, aroma alchemist, and a constellator. She combines many passions in her life, she juggles with many balls but she never gets tired of being herself. She loves discovering new and exciting yoga combination (mostly plays with vinyasa and kundalini yoga) and enjoys blending oils and communicating with aromas. But her main yoga remains writing. She is the author of the Bulgarian yoga blog Goyogaflow and has written hundreds of articles for magazines and websites. Mon is the co-creator of the high-vibe essential blend company 11 Moons.

April 24, 2017 — Luna Sundara