Palo Santo Chunks High Resin From Peru (1 Pound)

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High Resin Peruvian Palo Santo Chunks (1 Pound)

Botanical Name: Bursera Graveolens

Origin: Northern Peru


Originally used by Peruvian shamans in religious ceremonies to bring luck and ward off negativity, Palo Santo is thought to help provide medicinal and therapeutic healing energies,  giving you a more profound connection to your being.

  • These high-quality Palo Santo chunks have a unique aroma that, when burned, may help to deepen moments of meditation and spiritual contemplation.
  • Our Palo Santo sticks are gathered from fallen trees that have been left to dry. It is during this decomposition process that the tree secretes its oil and begins to acquire aromatic properties.
  • One pound of Palo Santo comes in a convenient jute bag.
  • SERFOR (National Forest Service and Wildlife) certified.

Sustainably harvested in Peru. Luna Sundara only works with suppliers who utilize ethical, fair trade and sustainable practices.

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