Premium Palo Santo Hand Rolled Incense Sticks from 100% Wild Peruvian Palo Santo


SKU: PS1009

         Bursera graveolens

         Origin: Peru

  • Luna Sundara's incredibly aromatic Palo Santo incense sticks are made of 100% natural ingredients.
  • Ground high resin Peruvian Palo Santo wood and a natural binding gum from various species of the Acacia tree are combined to create this incense.
  • Each incense stick is skillfully hand rolled by a talented Peruvian artisan.
  • Meditate, Relax, and Cleanse while these incense sticks provide a continuous burn just like traditional incense.
  • Contains 6 incense sticks. Each stick has an approximate burn time of 90 minutes.

SERFOR certified: National Forest Service and Wildlife


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