As many of us hunker down at home, it can be difficult to cope with this “new normal” - but the good news is that we can reframe this time as a fresh opportunity! Whether you’re planning to channel your energy into a new hobby, a creative venture, or maybe even deep cleaning your house, there are plenty of things we can do to keep ourselves staying healthy, happy and sane.


During this time, we’re excited to announce the arrival of our premium grey copal hand rolled incense sticks, made from 100% wild Peruvian copal. 


With its deep links to crown chakra, copal incense is thought to potentially help deepen awareness and purify spaces of negative energies, promoting creativity and positivity. As a result of its association with crown chakra, copal may strengthen the auric body, removing energy blockages and encouraging pure thoughts during meditation.


Our hope is that during this difficult time, copal might play a small role in helping to center and ground you, ushering in revitalizing energy to uplift your mood - especially as we’re all working from home.


We hope you’re keeping safe and healthy!


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Written by: Brooke Hardington

Photography: Reimond de Luna

Luna Sundara