With many of us working remotely during the coronavirus outbreak, it can be hard to maintain a sense of normalcy and calm. And spending more time at home and away from other people means that we may not have access to our usual outlets of relieving stress - like going to the gym or spending time with friends and family.

At Luna, we believe it’s important to practice healthy ways to de-stress from home. That’s why, in this spirit of self-care, we’re excited to share that we now carry a selection of premium myrrh hand rolled incense sticks, made from 100% wild Peruvian myrrh.

Not only does incense fill any remote workplace with a relaxing fragrance, but it’s also thought to provide a number of physical and physiological benefits that help to combat stress. Traditionally used by monks and spiritual leaders to promote a sense of calm, incense works to soothe nerves and relieve built-up tension in the muscles. Its pleasant aroma can also do everything from stimulate creativity to increase motivation and positive energy.

Like all products at Luna, our premium myrrh incense sticks are 100% wildcrafted and made from 100% natural ingredients. Ground high resin Peruvian myrrh combines with a natural binding gum from various species of the Acacia tree to create an incredibly aromatic warm earthy and woodsy fragrance, with slight balsamic undertones. Each stick of incense is skillfully hand-rolled by a talented Peruvian artisan to give you a high quality experience, within the comfort of your own home or remote coronavirus working place. 

While the world may feel as though it’s currently on pause, your emotional health and well-being should not. Our hope is that our myrrh incense sticks may play a small role in bringing some positive energy into your workspace and life. 

Please take care of yourselves in the meantime!

Shop here: Premium Myrrh Hand Rolled Incense Sticks (from 100% Wild Peruvian Myrrh) $8.99 


Written by: Brooke Hardington

Photography: Luna Sundara

May 12, 2020 — Luna Sundara