Palo Santo Infused Moisturizing Exfoliating Soap Bar (Vegan)


In collaboration with Oil + Water BK


A luxurious, moisturizing, and softly exfoliating bar perfect for daily cleansing.

This handcrafted soap is infused with Luna Sundara's wildcrafted palo santo essential oil. Its woody, resinous scent provides a restorative and grounding aromatherapeutic effect. Formulated with a base of nourishing organic plant oils, it gently cleanses the skin without stripping it of healthy oils. Ribbons of exquisite Rhassoul clay provide a gentle exfoliating texture and lend the bar its rich, earthy hue. This all natural soap is not only effective, but also an energizing treat for mind and spirit.

At 5 oz, it’s 25% larger than most soap bars and has a pleasant weight to it, which, along with its elegant form and color, evokes the feel of raw concrete. It’s a beautiful object to accent your bath, and will leave your skin feeling healthy and pampered.

Skin types: Great for all skin types.

Scent profile: Fresh, sweet citrus with warm-spicy, woody, herbaceous, somewhat camphoraceous notes.

Ingredients: Olive oil*, distilled water, coconut oil*°, shea butter*, cocoa butter*°, sodium hydroxide, rhassoul clay, castor oil*, kaolin clay, palo santo essential oil*, sea salt, cedarwood essential oil*, frankincense essential oil* (*organic, °fair trade)

Directions: Lather with water between hands or using a loofah, sponge, or washcloth and gently massage onto skin, then rinse clean.

To extend the life span of this soap, store on a soap dish in between uses to allow it to fully dry. For external use only. Always perform a patch test and discontinue use if irritation occurs.