Thus far in 2020, we’ve likely all spent a bit more time at home than initially anticipated. And no matter where you’re sheltering in place, we wanted to provide a bit of inspiration to help make your home a nicer place in which to find refuge.

The best part? No trips to the store necessary. Our Peruvian mirrors are available to purchase with just a single click. With its whimsical sunburst design and sleek bronze finish, it pairs well with a variety of color palettes, and adds a chic look and feel to any home decor layout. Like all Luna products, we’ve collaborated closely with local artisans to lovingly create a one-of-a-kind piece that will imbue your home with a little piece of Peruvian culture.

But why, you ask, as you skim this article, do I need a mirror?

Great question. Not only can mirrors help bring light and depth to rooms, but they can also open up spaces and make rooms just look better in general. Below, we run through a couple ways in which mirrors can help transform a place from “just somewhere you live” to a space that truly feels like a home.

Optimize Spacing

Well-placed mirrors are basically miracle workers, making rooms look larger and deeper than they actually are. 

Utilizing a focal point and angling your mirror toward it will give the illusion of depth. Mirrors on walls and glass tabletops help a space feel more open, while mirrored cabinet doors make tiny closets feel like a thing of the past.

Let in Light

If there’s one tool to make a home feel good, it’s natural light. Natural light increases the release of serotonin, known also as the happy hormone. This improves moods and promotes overall feelings of calm and focus. Without enough natural light, serotonin levels drop, hence the association with seasonal affective disorder.

But for those of us in big cities and hunkered down in tiny apartments, multiple windows aren’t always an option. Mirrors are the next best thing, and can reflect whatever natural light you do have, making the room feel bigger and brighter. Simply place your mirror adjacent to any window to perfectly optimize the angle of light.

Add texture

A textured mirror frame creates a three-dimensional level and instantly adds interest to any bare wall. Voilà, now you have a statement furnishing for an affordable price.

Showcase Special Effects

Mirrors are essentially decorative windows to move around and place as you like. They can reflect and emphasize views and colors from artwork, furnishings and wallpaper to create special effects. 

Hang a mirror to generate a different perspective and get your creative juices flowing!

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Written by: Brooke Hardington

Photography: Daniel Grehl

Luna Sundara