Hello everyone,

Happy holidays! In keeping with the giving spirit of the season, we wanted to share something very near and dear to our hearts. This past Sunday, Tom and I had the privilege of hosting a Christmas celebration for the children living in Chulucanas, Perú. As you may already know, Chulucanas is a community in my home country of Peru that produces beautiful ceramics for Luna Sundara. We were eager to host the event as a way of thanking the community for all they've done for Luna this past year.

Any expectations we had for the party were completely blown away by the time we wrapped up. The people of Chulucanas welcomed us with open arms, big smiles and even bigger hearts. Each child received a toy and a Christmas dinner that helped make them feel special and loved. Seeing the sheer joy in their faces was well worth the 8 hour ride and 90 degree+ weather. We are filled with gratitude at the small role we played in spreading cheer throughout Chulucanas. It is our hope that we can continue to give back to the community which has blessed us with so much.

To that end, we wanted to thank you all for your generous and year-long support of Luna. Without your help, we would never be able to employ local artisans, let alone host such a meaningful celebration for the children of Chulucanas.

On behalf of Luna, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season with your loved ones, and a fulfilling New Year. Here's to 2020!

Sandra & Tom


December 23, 2019 — Luna Sundara