Palo Santo Gift Set Box with Smudging Plate and Huayruro


SKU: LS1026

Luna Sundara is humbled to offer this carefully curated Palo Santo gift set. This set contains 3 items. A hand crafted smudging plate made in Peru by talented artisans, a neatly wrapped bundle of Palo Santo, and a Huayruro charm for good luck. These items come packed in an eco-friendly gift box and make a perfect spiritual gift. 

Artisan Crafted Smudging Plate

  • This set includes a hand crafted smudging plate. This handmade burner comes from Chulucanas, a city in Northern Peru. Chulucanas is famous for its pottery, which has deep cultural roots that originate in pre-Hispanic cultures of Tallan and Vicus (A.D. 500 years), in northern Peru. The Vicus culture, developed a few kilometers from the city of Chulucanas. They developed the decoration technique "negative" that has become the hallmark of their ceramics. The Tallán culture evolved near the present city of Piura and developed the “paleteado” technique, a way to model vessels using only a wooden paddle and a rounded stone. Each burner has a unique hand painted design. The paint the artisans used for this ceramic plate is derived from banana leaves. 

Huayruro Charm

  • The Huayruro seeds are native of Peru, they are small and very similar to a bean (by size, shape and consistency), they are red with black spots. This colorful seed is used since the Inca times as a seed for rituals and has been considered a seed of good luck and wealth.
Palo Santo Bundle
  • Also included is a bundle of Palo Santo sticks. Palo Santo is an enchanting tree that grows on coastal areas of South America. It is related to Copal, Myrrh, and Frankincense. Palo Santo literally means “Holy Wood”. Shamans and healers traditionally burn it for its energetic purification and healing attributes much like sage. When burned, it produces an enriching aroma which increases your personal vibration when preparing for meditative therapy and gives you a more profound connection to your being. It also leaves a very pleasant and lasting aroma in your space. The sticks last a long time and only need to be burned for a short time to leave a wonderful scent behind. Palo Santo is perfect for smudging. Smudging is a technique used to create a cleansing smoke bath. Our suppliers are ethical, fair trade, and sustainable.
**This set of products empowers up to 10 artisans and farmers in rural areas of Peru and Ecuador by providing sustainable and respectable jobs. Luna Sundara works with these communities to connect them to a marketplace that would otherwise be out of reach.