Just Breathe Bath Collection


Luna Sundara's Just Breathe Bath Collection is the ultimate bundle to enhance your bath time or shower thoughts sessions. The set includes a small batch palo santo soap, hand-rolled incense sticks, and a Palo Santo essential oil. The natural scent of Palo Santo is a calming aroma for a time when you require ultimate relaxation.

What's Inside

Palo Santo Essential Oil

100 % Pure Palo Santo essential oil, sustainably extracted through a process known as steam distillation. The oil is first extracted by passing a vapor stream through the dry wood, opening its oil gland and allowing the essential oil to mix with steam.

Palo Santo Soap

This handcrafted soap is infused with Luna Sundara's wildcrafted palo santo essential oil. Its woody, resinous scent provides a restorative and grounding aromatherapeutic effect.

Palo Santo Hand Rolled Incense

These incredibly aromatic Palo Santo incense sticks are hand-rolled by talented Peruvian artisans and made with 100% natural ingredients, including ground high resin Peruvian Palo Santo wood and natural binding gum from various species of the Acacia tree.

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