Solitude Palo Santo Collection


The Solitude Collection is a bundle that reminds us of our need for a time of reflection. The set includes smudging sticks, hand rolled incense sticks, pure essential oil, and a hand crafted ceramic incense holder from Chulucanas, Peru. The set invokes a time for peace.


What's Inside

Palo Santo Essential Oil

100 % Pure Palo Santo essential oil, sustainably extracted through a process known as steam distillation. The oil is first extracted by passing a vapor stream through the dry wood, opening its oil gland and allowing the essential oil to mix with steam.

Chulucanas Incense Holder

Originating from Chulucanas, a city in northern Peru that’s renowned for its pottery, this incense holder is exquisitely crafted and uniquely designed. This beautiful incense holder is handmade by master artisans to provide you with an authentic and meaningful experience.

Palo Santo Wood Sticks

Palo Santo sticks make perfect smudging tools. Smudging is a ritual through which we cleanse the energy of a physical space, object or person. Sustainably harvested Palo Santo smudging sticks are handpicked and wrapped in a convenient bundle.

Palo Santo Hand Rolled Incense

These incredibly aromatic Palo Santo incense sticks are hand-rolled by talented Peruvian artisans and made with 100% natural ingredients, including ground high resin Peruvian Palo Santo wood and natural binding gum from various species of the Acacia tree.

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