The Palo Santo Tree

The Palo Santo tree grows in the rugged region of Lambayeque. We traveled to the region to see this sacred wood growing in it's natural form and in it's natural habitat.

Luna Sundara went to Peru to find new products for you guys. Along the way, we found love, healing, and wellness.  We went to Tablazos, a small town located near Chongoyape where the Palo Santo tree grows. The ride was long, exhausting but very fun and magical. We get our Palo Santo from Peru and Ecuador and we wanted to show you how the actual tree looks like. Palo Santo means "sacred wood" and is the name for Bursera graveolens. The tree is medium size tree with about 18 meters high, . The Palo Santo we import comes from the dry forest of Lambayeque region of northern Peru and is known worldwide as the highest quality of all because of its prime location. The tree must die in a natural way and when it falls, the trunk should remain uncollected for about 7-8 years. In this natural process of decomposition, the tree is compressed, secreting oil that pervades and acquiring its medicinal and aromatic properties. In fact, if we cut a tree without all the process it needs, we will not get any benefit since there has not yet acquired any properties.

palosanto-9018 The Palo Santo Tree

palosanto-8980 The rugged hills of Chongoyape.

palosanto-9045 When touching the tree, there's an oil that comes out, which means it is not ready or dry enough.

palosanto-9027 The region is magical.

palosanto-9054 Tablazos is a very small town located near Chongoyape, Lambayeque.