Make Room For The New Year With Palo Santo

We are preparing for the New Year with a very special ritual. This New Year ritual involves one thing: Palo Santo. Before we go on to talk about Palo Santo and all its benefits for helping us with our New Year's resolutions, let's talk about resolutions in general. Who needs resolutions? Well, let's first look at the definition.

The word resolution means:

1. a firm decision to do or not to do something
2. the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter. 

Since everyone makes decisions constantly, the people who need resolution are those who cannot be firm. Most people feel this way; it’s hard to stick to resolutions. What makes it hard to stick to resolutions? Usually, people fall off the wagon when they lose motivation. This is caused by lack of support, lack of momentum, and also lack of unwavering determination. The one thing that all of these reasons tie to is: low energy going into the resolution. How can we raise our energy than so we stick to our resolution? This is where we talk about Palo Santo, plus the benefits it has for clearing energy and providing support as we embark into a New Year.

What is Palo Santo?
Palo Santo is a sacred wood that comes from the Palo Santo trees in South America. The translation of palo santo literally is holy wood -- which you will start to see validated as you use it more and more in your meditation/manifestation practices. The wood that people burn is actually from fallen Palo Santo trees that have been dead for about 4-10 years before they were harvested.

What are the benefits of using Palo Santo?
Palo Santo has been used by shamans, medical and spiritual leaders for centuries to aid common ailments like the cold, stress/anxiety, and inflammation. It is also used widely in meditation and manifestation practices to help seal intentions. Palo Santo is said to purify the energy of a space and revitalize good fortune. Finally, how do we use Palo Santo as a ritual for ringing in the New Year?

You can do a New Year ritual using Luna Sundara’s full-moon ritual. OR You can create your own ritual along these lines:

  1. Clear your space - clean and organize the area you will be performing your ritual in
  2. Light a palo santo stick or incense in a smudge tray (which you can find on our shop)
  3. Write out your intentions/resolutions for the year
  4. Visualize yourself accomplishing those intentions and lather yourself in the amazing feelings you get
  5. Repeat your intentions out loud as you meditate
  6. Do this once a month consistently 

With any resolution or intention, there has to be faith and determination backing it up. There are a variety of palo santo uses. Try using it in your New Year's resolution ritual and manifestation practice then let us know how it helps!

January 01, 2019 — Luna Sundara