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At Luna Sundara, we specialize in a variety of authentic Peruvian and Ecuadorian products. Our products range from artisinal home goods and decor to natural aromatherapy products that are indigeonous to Peru and Ecuador. We have a mission to support artisans of traditional goods and to do so in a sustainable manner while following fair trade practices. These traditional goods include hand crafted pottery from Chulucanas, Peru, sustainably harvested Palo Santo, and small batch essential oils made from wild botanicals from Peru. We are constaly adding new items that support artisinal communities and collectives. It is incredibly rewarding for us to bring to market the beautiful work of these wonderul communities.  

We began Luna Sundara in 2015 and we have been steadily growing year over year adding new products while keeping our mission the same. Our customers are alwasy interested in the new products we develop working closely with our friends in Peru and Ecuador. We have been growing steadily with the increase in popularity of products like our Palo Santo. Due to the huge increase of this precious wood's popularity we have begun to shift our focus to making sure that the wood we source is done so sustainably. We feel it is our responsibility to let everyone know the path this wood takes before it gets into our customers hands.

As we grow we will continue to make nesecary adjustments to make sure our ission alwasys stays true.

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Press coverage
"Sandra Manay is an artist and entrepreneur. Some might think that these two things are polar opposites, but starting a business is an art form in itself."
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Sandra Manay
Sandra was born in the coastal area of Peru in 1992 and at a young age was influenced by local traditional art and natural beauty. That led her to find love for fashion and design. At the age of 15, she moved to the U.S. with her family, and later she graduated from one of the best design colleges in the world—Parsons in New York City. Since she was 12-years-old, she had a dream to open an e-commerce clothing store, so right after graduating from Parsons she started working toward her dream. She failed. Nonetheless, Sandra picked herself up and successfully created an aromatherapy and home goods company Luna Sundara.
Government Agency
The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation is the National Forestry and Wildlife Authority of Peru and the governing body of the National Forestry and Wildlife Management System. It was created with the Forestry and Wildlife Law (Law No. 29763) and began operations on July 26, 2014. It's mission is to promote sustainable and participatory management of forest resources and wildlife, and the use of their ecosystem services, providing quality services that contribute to the well-being of citizens.
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"I definitely could feel myself ease into a more relaxed state in which I could easily let go of my stress."
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"Like if I were to blind fold someone and they were to walk into my room while I was burning the sticks they would probably feel like they were in a airy mystical forest in a fairy tail or something, hope that convinces you to try them out haha!"
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